Calls from abroad showing a UK number to be blocked

It has been widely reported that UK networks have agreed to block calls originating from abroad when the caller id is showing a UK number in an effort to tackle the growing number of scam calls. It is said that roaming would still be allowed, so someone with a legitimate UK number would be able […]

Openreach FTTP: 79 new Exchanges in Tranche 6 stop sells.

Starting November 1st 2022, orders for non GEA-FTTP products will be rejected for the following premises that have Openreach FTTP availability and a coverage of Ultrafast greater than 75%. What does a Stop Sell mean? Openreach uses the term Stop Sell to indicate they will no longer sell certain products. It is important to distinguish […]

FTTP Broadband coverage expanded in Peterborough

CityFibre UK will be expanding their FTTP Broadband coverage across the Cambridgeshire city of Peterborough. Thousands of new homes and businesses will be able to benefit from their gigabit-capable network. This new expansion is part of CityFibre’s larger deployment project. They aim to hit the milestone of 1 million premises reached by the end of […]

CityFibre FTTP business broadband is coming to Leicester

The independent network operator CityFibre is continuing it’s roll-out of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) in the Leicester area, with business broadband of up to 900 Mbps upload and download speeds achievable. Unlike the residential option already in circulation, the service comes with a static IP address and a service level agreement. Currently we can […]

Passwordless feature for your Microsoft Account

You probably own hundreds of accounts with a different password for each one of them ( hopefully you don’t reuse your passwords ). Passwords are the main target for attacks – no surprise there, as they’re used to gain access to almost every aspect of our lives at this point. Cybersecurity experts expect you to […]

Teams desktop app will allow users to join meetings anonymously (across clouds)

Currently, if you want to join a meeting hosted in a different cloud to one of your tenant you will be directed to use Teams web experience. Microsoft is improving the experience by allowing users to join meetings across clouds anonymously using their desktop app. Key points The feature will be enabled in 3 phases. […]

FTTP Exchanges Stop Sell Update

Openreach confirmed changes to the following exchanges due to complex build issues. Exchange name Exchange location Exchange code Original Tranche Original date Updated Tranche Updated stop sell date Woodgate Birmingham CMWDGT Tranche 2 05-Oct-21 Tranche 4 29-Apr-22 Eastham Wirral LVEAS Tranche 2 05-Oct-21 Tranche 3 25-Jan-22 Rickmansworth Three Rivers LWRIC Tranche 2 05-Oct-21 Tranche 3 […]

Apple users urged to install new security update

Apple released important security patches in iOS 14.8 following reports of new spyware exploiting a serious vulnerability in the iMessanger service. The “zero-click” spyware allowed hackers to access devices through the iMessanger service without any input or knowledge from the user. Citizen Lab said the security flaw has been exploited to plant spyware on a […]

Google Clock alarm is being silenced

Have you been sleeping through your alarm recently? Rushing your breakfast and showering with 15 mins left till work starts? Maybe you’ve suddenly become a very deep sleeper…or you are using Google Clock! Users have been reporting their Google Clock app is not working correctly. The Google Play Store app has been hit by a […]

Teams mobile support ending for devices running iOS 13 or lower

Microsoft will be ending support for devices running iOS 13 or lower. You need to upgrade to newer versions of iOS. Microsoft also encourages users to upgrade to the newest version of Teams if you are running builds older than 1 year. Key Points Microsoft will begin ending support in early October and expects to […]