Public / Guest Wifi Solutions

Your customers will invariably now expect to be given access to wifi – we can provide your venue with tailored wifi that is suitable for your business.

All our wifi solutions allow you to add your own branded splash page.

What is public wifi?

Public wifi are little wifi “hotspots” that usually allows customers or visitors to connect to the internet (typically for free).

We work with businesses to provide free wifi to their customers using Ubiquiti Unifi products access points to deliver maximum performance at a reasonable price.

After installation, we support your business to make sure your public wifi solution runs smoothly with our monitoring solution. Meaning, should you have a problem we will automatically be notified.

Offer Free Wifi To Your Customers

Our skilled team will find out what options are available and then what are most suitable for your business.

Public Wifi For Business

Ubiquiti Access Points

We only provide Ubiquiti Unifi equipment that we know and trust. After installation, we support and manage your equipment using our managed Unifi controller.

Monitored Uptime

With our monitoring system we receive alerts should your broadband or Ubiquiti Access Points go offline allowing our engineers to identify issues and help rectify.

Certified Engineer

Our lead engineer is an Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin and our team are regularly trained to offer continued excellent support.

Whole Building Coverage

During our site survey our engineer will assess what equipment is required to allow your to have uninterrupted access to your public wifi solution. 

Security Updates

With our managed solution, we routinely update your devices on site and update them regularly when required.

Stop Bandwidth Abusers

Our solution allows you to limit how much bandwidth a users can use; Meaning no user can use up all your bandwidth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of our solution varies depending on your business’s requirements, for instance venue size can impact on the amount of hardware required.

Please get in touch to request a quote.

While we don’t have to provide your Business Broadband, we would recommend it so that we can have a full overview of your network and best support you. This also means you are never caught “piggy in the middle” between your suppliers.

We may be able to take over your existing solution if Ubiquiti hardware is installed. If you are unsure, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Get In Touch

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