Telephone Systems

Incoming calls

Improve customer interaction and your business profile by ensuring that customers get to speak to the right person with the minimum of fuss. Provide local reference points with local marketing numbers and reinforce your brand with audio announcements during the customer journey.

Outgoing calls

Drives sales while keeping costs to a minimum with bulk call minutes across your account. Monitor near real-time call usage and automatically store call recordings for as long as you need them. Pull out all recordings to or from a number in a single search. Streamline customer call backs with direct lines for all operators.

Flexible and scalable

No major infrastructure investment required, add phones and telephone numbers simply and without the need of an engineer appointment.

Packages to suit your business

Our services are tailored to suit anything from a sole trader to companies with multiple busy offices, if in doubt please contact us.

Call forwarding

Perfect for start-up businesses with low call volumes – a UK landline number of your choice with no installation or hardware required. A fully functioning number within 24 business hours of ordering.

Provide customers with a local rate number, answer on your mobile, home phone or any number you wish to forward calls onto.

One month rolling contract.


Call tariffs

Our call tarrifs are straightforward and easy to understand.

Pay as you go costs per minute*, plus VAT:

Landline £0.0125

Mobile: £0.09

Minimum charge £0.0125

Reduce costs further with bulk call minutes.


Our full VoIP package means you can have one (or more) number, but still make and receive multiple simultaneous calls – customers will never get a ‘busy’ tone and your staff can be busy driving sales over the phone. Powered by a single Internet line, you can add phones to your network simply and without needing an engineer appointment.


Single line

A step up from call forwarding, a single line allows you to make and recieve calls and also set a voicemail for a fraction of the cost of a standard BT line. Ideal for a homeworker or sole-trader who needs a work number without the cost of putting in a traditional hard-wired line. Simple, straightforward and quick and easy to setup.


* correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change. Please contact us for the latest pricing