Business VoIP Phone System

Globe2’s Business VoIP Phone System is great at cutting costs for business communications needs, and comes fully loaded with a host of premium features and unlimited UK calls*.

For more information on our Business VoIP service – see our ‘What is VoIP‘ article.

10% OFF all user licenses for the first month

Business VoIP


£8.99/ month

  • Inclusive calls to UK landlines
  • Inclusive calls to UK mobiles
  • Cheap PAYG Calls
  • Softphone App Included
  • Same Day Set-up Available
  • Pay Monthly Phones
  • Voicemail (paid add-on)

Unlimited VoIP

£12.99/ month

  • Inclusive calls to UK landlines
  • Inclusive calls to UK Mobiles
  • Softphone App Included
  • Same Day Set-up Available
  • Pay Monthly Phones
  • Advanced Call Routing Features
  • Voicemail

All prices excl VAT @ 20%

What we can offer
Your Business

Business VoIP with Unlimited UK Calls

Our phone system is based on simplicity, which offers unlimited calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles*. This is perfect for all businesses big and small.

Calls to 01, 02, 03, 0800 (freephone) & 07 (UK mobiles).

*Unlimited VoIP only. Maximum of 5000 calls per Unlimited VoIP user.

VoIP Call recording

Keep your customers data safe with the ability to start, stop, pause and resume call recording live during a phone call. Furthermore, call recordings are safely stored in encrypted storage.

Optional extra. For more information get in touch.

VoIP Phone System CRM Integration

Increase productivity with our VoIP CRM Integration extension. This extension allows our fully featured telephone system connect with your system to further enhance your experience for you and your staff.

To see a full list of CRM integrations, please contact

VoIP Fail-safe Call Routing

In the event of a disaster our phone system has you covered with fail-safe options such as the ability to divert calls should all agents devices being unreachable you can make sure that all calls are answered.

Mobile VoIP App for Businesses

With our phone system you can use a desk phone, desktop and mobile VoIP app. You can use these devices and move calls between the devices all without the customer knowing.

Yealink Desk & Cordless Phones

We provide and support Yealink desk and cordless phones as well as headsets. These are available to purchase upfront or monthly over 36 months.

Frequently Asked

In short, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is the process or systems used that enable calls to made over the internet as oppose to over a physical line.

  • Reduced set-up and installation time
  • Cheaper in comparison with legacy telephony systems
  • Call recording with the ability to pause, stop resume during a call.
  • Advanced call routing features

When switching to VoIP you can keep your existing number. 

We can handle this process for you and charge no fee at porting in your geographic phone numbers.

To switch VoIP provider in the UK, first contact the new provider (such as us) and provide them with any phone numbers you wish to keep.

The new provider will then arrange the set-up and number port at a convenient time for you.

Depending on the provider, they may also help you with getting started and provide training to help you get to grips and to get the most of the system.

We mainly provide Yealink VoIP phones with the T4 and T5 range being the most popular with our customers.

How Much Can You Save?

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