FTTP Exchanges Stop Sell Update

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Openreach confirmed changes to the following exchanges due to complex build issues.

Exchange nameExchange locationExchange codeOriginal TrancheOriginal dateUpdated TrancheUpdated stop sell date
WoodgateBirminghamCMWDGTTranche 205-Oct-21Tranche 429-Apr-22
EasthamWirralLVEASTranche 205-Oct-21Tranche 325-Jan-22
RickmansworthThree RiversLWRICTranche 205-Oct-21Tranche 325-Jan-22
CantleyDoncasterSLCLYTrance 1b05-Oct-21Tranche 429-Apr-22
Dutton DiffethWrexhamWNDDTranche 205-Oct-21Tranche 6TBA *
BowMid DevonWWBOWTranche 205-Oct-21Tranche 6TBA *
PenzanceCornwallWWPENZTranche 205-Oct-21Tranche 6TBA *
ShirleySolihullCMSHITranche 325-Jan-22Tranche 502-Aug-22
BrockWyreLCBRCTranche 325-Jan-22Tranche 429-Apr-22

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