About Us

Globe2 Ltd has been delivering a comprehensive array of IT services to businesses since 2008. In an industry where commodity services like telecoms, internet, and Microsoft licensing often fall short on customer service and support, Globe2 strives to redefine the standard. We are committed to standing out from the crowd by offering unparalleled support and service.

At the heart of our mission is our Total Support Hosting service, meticulously crafted and nurtured by our team. Designed to exceed expectations, it embodies our ethos of being better, faster, and more secure.

Our Key Values






Our Mission

At Globe2 Ltd, our mission is to empower our clients by staying at the forefront of emerging technology trends. We are committed to advising our clients on best practices within our areas of expertise, ensuring their success in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. With our accessible and human-powered support desk, we aim to provide unparalleled assistance, fostering strong and enduring partnerships. While embracing innovation, we recognise the importance of focus, and thus, we refrain from attempting to tackle every aspect of IT, prioritising excellence and efficiency in our chosen domains.

Meet the Team

Doug Andrews

Managing Director

Doug Andrews

Doug has been working with all things digital since 1992, he loves solving customer problems and the constant evolution of IT and how it can help businesses be more productive. Doug enjoys sharing the wisdom of his years of experience with the team (and so do they).

Oliver Jarvis

2nd Line Support

Oliver Jarvis

Oliver joined Globe2 in 2016 as an apprentice for a then company-record fee. Since, he has continued to excel during his time at the club (I mean company) recording over 3 direct contributions to the tea-making service a day.

Kian Windridge

1st Line Support

Kian Windridge

Kian joined Globe2 in 2021 after graduating with a degree in Digital Forensics. He loves to get stuck into a programming problem. In his free time, you'll find Kian in the middle of a mosh pit, or sat at his custom built PC playing games. He has achieved top 1% world rankings in some video games, wasting thousands of hours that could have been spent doing something productive.

Jonasz Salaga

Digital Marketing

Jonasz Salaga

Jonasz began his Digital Marketing journey when he joined Globe2 in 2021. He likes to learn and try new things frequently and approach new situations and ideas with an open mind. He loves to read books and playing a wide variety of games on his custom built PC (board games too).


Four Legged Friend

Ruby Andrews

Ruby loves coming to work in the mornings and welcoming anyone coming into the office, even if the afternoons can drag a little.Her highlight of the day, regardless of the weather, is a walk in the park opposite the office.Woof Woof!