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You probably own hundreds of accounts with a different password for each one of them ( hopefully you don’t reuse your passwords ). Passwords are the main target for attacks – no surprise there, as they’re used to gain access to almost every aspect of our lives at this point. Cybersecurity experts expect you to create complex unique passwords, remember them and change them frequently.

That’s a bummer. Naturally, new and innovative ways of logging in are being developed and suggested.

Microsoft will now allow you to completely remove passwords from your account. Using the Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello, a security key, or a simple verification code sent to your phone or email you will be able to log in to apps and services like Microsoft Outlook.

Reasons for going Passwordless

The main problem with passwords is that most breaches into enterprise and consumer accounts are due to weak or leaked passwords. Unless you are using a Password manager to auto-generate highly secure and complex passwords which are close to impossible to remember, you are probably using some method or formula of making your passwords more memorable.

This in turn makes your passwords more predictable and a major weak point in your cybersecurity. Passwords are not only inconvenient but can also be a vulnerability if you take lax measures when creating them.

By enabling the passwordless feature, you can avoid all the inconveniences and risks associated with conventional passwords. You can choose the authentication method that you feel most comfortable with for extra peace of mind.

How to go passwordless with Microsoft

To enable passwordless follow Microsoft’s official passwordless guide. You can always add a password back if you want to go back to using a password.

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