Calls from abroad showing a UK number to be blocked

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It has been widely reported that UK networks have agreed to block calls originating from abroad when the caller id is showing a UK number in an effort to tackle the growing number of scam calls.

It is said that roaming would still be allowed, so someone with a legitimate UK number would be able to use it whilst abroad – but how this will be achieved is less clear.

Whilst we are in agreement that something needs to be done to tackle the issue of scam calls, this may inadvertently affect genuine businesses who have a foothold in the UK and abroad – digital nomads could find that running their business from afar is about to become a lot more difficult – we are awaiting further details to see exactly how this will be implemented.

Some countries have restrictions on registering a number without an appropriate address within the country, which seems a sensible solution.

Further news on this to follow as it breaks.

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