86 new FTTP exchanges announced by Openreach

Openreach has announced plans for the exchanges (listed below) to enter a stop-sell on the 2nd August 2022 as part of FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) rollout. What is a stop-sell and how will it affect my business? Stop-sell notices are issued by Openreach when an exchange has over 75% of customers have ultrafast broadband […]

Paid Google ads used to promote spoofed websites containing malware.

You may think it is perfectly safe to click on a sponsored ad, after all, Google is a well-known legitimate search engine, right? Not exactly. Cybercriminals are using paid ads to trick unsuspecting users into downloading malware. It gets scarier than that. Using Punycode threat actors are also able to replicate legitimate websites with almost […]

Microsoft Teams: New Presenter modes coming soon

New Microsoft Teams feature will introduce two Presenter modes. A new and immersive way for users to share their screen and present alongside their content.  This feature will be coming to the Microsoft Teams desktop app for both Windows and Mac. Release Microsoft will begin rolling out this feature mid-August. How this affects you Currently […]

Tech support scams targeting Windows 10 users

Microsoft warns its users as increasingly sophisticated scams become more prevalent. Falling for one can cost you dearly. On top of financial costs, threat actors could also obtain sensitive information. One such scam is a professional looking Pop-Up claiming your device is compromised. It prompts you to call a fake call centre number. Once in […]

Beware: paid ads in search results may contain malware

Clicking on paid ads in your search results could cost you a lot. You could fall victim to MosaicLoader malware when trying to download software. When infected, your machine becomes part of a network that the attackers can use to further infect your machine. Due to its capabilities, the impact can be staggering. Threat actors […]

Windows 365 – IT solution to the hybrid work model?

Microsoft recently announced their Windows 365 service. A new cloud service allowing businesses to use Windows 10 or Windows 11(once available) in a new revolutionary way. Windows 365 allows users to stream a full operating system from the Microsoft cloud, securing and storing information on the cloud rather than the device. This new way to […]

551 new locations announced in Openreach FTTP rollout

Openreach has today announced the next 551 locations to be included in it’s FTTP upgrade programme, with a target of reaching 25 million premises by December 2026. FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) is the next generation gigabit capable broadband service being rolled out by Openreach as a replacement to the old analogue phone line and […]

Businesses Unprepared for the Analogue Phone Switch Off

A recent survey conducted by Spitfire has found that 46% of businesses are unaware that their analogue phone and ISDN services will be switched off by December 2025 by Openreach. The survey of 400 businesses also reported that 83% of businesses are unaware when their services will be switched off, and 77% haven’t prepared for […]

Why slow broadband speeds will no longer be an issue with Microsoft Teams

Have you ever struggled to connect to colleagues while using Teams due to a slow internet connection? Well this will soon be an issue of the past as Microsoft has confirmed it is working on a new “Low Data” mode for Microsoft Teams. The new Microsoft Teams Low Data mode was confirmed by Microsoft on […]