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Total Security

Remain fortified against emerging threats with Total Security, combining managed daily WordPress updates, robust security measures, and fully offsite backups.

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Our server leverages CloudLinux and LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server to ensure optimal performance, delivering guaranteed lightning-fast loading times for your WordPress sites.

Total Support

Utilise the included support and development hours, allowing our experts to effortlessly implement website changes for you or offer guidance on achieving your desired outcome.

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Inclusive Benefits

Free Effortless Migration

Experience a seamless transition to our hosting platform with our Free Managed Migration service. Leave the hassle behind as our expert team handles the entire process, ensuring a smooth and worry-free migration for your website.

Optimised Performance

We personally optimise your website’s performance, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and a seamless user experience. Additionally, our caching plugin seamlessly integrates with Cloudflare’s CDN, further boosting speed.

Microsoft Emails

Upgrade your communication beyond basic emails with our inclusive Microsoft Exchange Emails. Enjoy synchronised calendars, enhanced security, and seamless collaboration—raising the bar for professional correspondence.


Our hosting solution incorporates the cPanel control panel, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy website management. From domain settings to email configurations, cPanel puts control at your fingertips.


TSH prioritises the security of your data with fully offsite backups. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, our offsite backups ensure that your critical website information is safeguarded, providing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

Live Website Monitoring

Internally, our live website monitoring serves as a vigilant hub. This proactive system allows our team to promptly address and resolve any potential issues, ensuring the seamless functioning of our hosting infrastructure.

Key Technical

At the core of our Total Support Hosting (TSH) product lies a robust infrastructure designed for unparalleled performance and reliability. Hosted on our dedicated UK servers, TSH ensures a seamless hosting experience for WordPress websites.

As a culmination of cutting-edge technologies, Total Support Hosting not only meets but exceeds the technical demands of modern websites. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the choice of our technical components, ensuring that your online presence receives the performance, reliability, and support it deserves.

Our hosting infrastructure is anchored by dedicated servers located in the UK, guaranteeing a secure and localised environment for optimal performance.

TSH leverages SSD RAID6 storage, ensuring lightning-fast data access, redundancy, and data protection to enhance the overall speed and reliability of your website.

Incorporating CloudLinux into our hosting infrastructure significantly enhances the stability, security, and overall experience for our customers. Here’s a technical breakdown of how CloudLinux positively impacts our offering:

1. Resource Isolation:

  • CloudLinux employs Lightweight Virtualised Environments (LVEs) to isolate each hosting account, preventing one user’s activities from impacting the performance or stability of others. This ensures fair resource distribution and optimal server stability.

2. Enhanced Security:

  • By introducing advanced security features like CageFS, CloudLinux fortifies our hosting environment against potential threats. CageFS encapsulates each user, limiting access to their own files only.

3. Stable and Predictable Performance:

  • The resource isolation provided by CloudLinux contributes to a stable and predictable hosting environment. Customers can expect consistent performance even during traffic spikes or resource-intensive tasks, minimizing the risk of server slowdowns.

4. Hardened Kernel Security:

  • CloudLinux includes a hardened kernel with specific security enhancements. This fortified kernel is designed to resist various types of attacks, contributing to a more secure hosting environment for our customers.

At the heart of our hosting infrastructure, the LiteSpeed Web Server stands as a cornerstone, providing a multitude of technical advantages that directly benefit our customers. Here’s a breakdown of how LiteSpeed enhances our offering:

1. Exceptional Speed:

  • LiteSpeed is renowned for its exceptional speed, outpacing traditional web servers. This translates to faster loading times for websites hosted on our platform, resulting in an improved user experience and search engine ranking.

2. Advanced Caching Mechanisms:

  • LiteSpeed incorporates advanced caching mechanisms, optimizing the delivery of dynamic content. This not only reduces server load but also ensures efficient content delivery, even during traffic spikes.

3. Optimized PHP Processing:

  • LiteSpeed’s efficient PHP processing engine ensures optimal performance for dynamic websites, making it an ideal choice for content management systems like WordPress. This optimization leads to reduced server response times and improved overall site responsiveness.

4. LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Integration:

  • Our integration with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin further enhances performance by providing advanced caching features. This integration seamlessly complements LiteSpeed’s server capabilities, offering comprehensive caching benefits for WordPress websites.

5. Security Features:

  • LiteSpeed Web Server is designed with security in mind, featuring a robust set of security measures. This ensures a secure hosting environment for our customers, protecting their websites from potential vulnerabilities and threats.

6. HTTP/3 Support:

  • Embracing the latest technologies, LiteSpeed Web Server supports HTTP/3, the next evolution of the HTTP protocol. This not only contributes to faster page loading but also ensures compatibility with modern browsers.

In essence, our adoption of LiteSpeed Web Server is a strategic decision aimed at providing our customers with a hosting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The technical prowess of LiteSpeed translates into tangible benefits—speed, efficiency, security, and compatibility—enriching the overall performance and reliability of the websites hosted on our platform.

Elevate your website’s security with our meticulously managed Cloudflare set-up. Our expert configuration not only harnesses the power of Cloudflare’s robust content delivery network but goes further to enhance protection.

Key Security Enhancements:

1. XMLRPC.php Access Restriction

  • Benefit from an extra layer of security as we intelligently block access to XMLRPC.php where not required. This proactive measure prevents potential threats and safeguards your website from unauthorized access attempts.

2. Login Page Protection

  • Our managed Cloudflare set-up includes reinforced protection for the WP-Login.php page, a common target for malicious attacks. Rest easy as we fortify this critical entry point, mitigating the risk of unauthorized login attempts.


Customers can experience further security protection and optimisations by upgrading to Cloudflare Pro. 

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