Google Clock alarm is being silenced

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Have you been sleeping through your alarm recently? Rushing your breakfast and showering with 15 mins left till work starts? Maybe you’ve suddenly become a very deep sleeper…or you are using Google Clock!

Users have been reporting their Google Clock app is not working correctly. The Google Play Store app has been hit by a barrage of negative reviews, with many threads being made in online forums about the topic. The app seems to not be sounding off for some people.

So what seems to be the problem with the Google Clock app?

It appears as though for many users, using Spotify as an audio source is the cause of the issue. Users on the Spotify Community site claim the bug was introduced with the August 24th update for the app.

The good news is that Google are aware of the problem and have confirmed a fix is in the works. If you are affected by this issue, the best course of action currently is to select audio from your Device sounds. The bad news is you will have to wake up to one of those terrible alarm sounds that come with your phone. That is until a fix is available.

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