Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP

Older phone systems are being gradually phased out as more businesses are adopting VoIP technology. Telecom providers are also actively encouraging their clients to switch to VoIP in light of the PSTN Switch off happening in 2025. You might be wondering how your business might benefit from the switch, and is it all sunshine and […]


We are proud to announce that we have released a new user licence for our VoIP Phone System which is a cheaper alternative to our Unlimited UK calls licence. What is the new licence? Our new ‘Basic Licence’ is ideal for small businesses in the UK who don’t need an inclusive call bundle and only need basic […]

What is the PSTN and why is it important?

The PSTN system has been used since the 1800s. In recent years however the use of PSTN technology has been on the decline and is being gradually phased out. In 2017 Openreach announced it will be shutting down the PSTN system for good in December 2025. In 2022 many businesses are still unaware of this. […]

8 Benefits of using Managed IT Services

What are managed IT services? Managed IT services are any technical operations you outsource to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). MSPs provide various solutions, including Connectivity, Hosting, Phone Systems or Security. They are responsible for managing, maintaining those services and providing support. Benefits of using Managed IT Services: ExpertiseFor most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) […]

The PSTN Network is no longer viable: Here’s Why

The PSTN Network is reaching the end of its life, but why? In this article we will explain what PSTN means and why it is closing. We’ll also suggest few ways you can start preparing. PSTN meaning and origins The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) provides the necessary infrastructure and services for public communication. It […]

VoIP DDoS Attack on UK ISPs

Voipfone has been experiencing ongoing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks periodically since last month and is currently experiencing another one. What is a DDoS attack? A DDoS attack works by intentionally overloading a server or an end-user with a mass of data requests from multiple devices. These devices are often a part of large […]

Calls from abroad showing a UK number to be blocked

It has been widely reported that UK networks have agreed to block calls originating from abroad when the caller id is showing a UK number in an effort to tackle the growing number of scam calls. It is said that roaming would still be allowed, so someone with a legitimate UK number would be able […]

Voice over IP (VoIP) features you’ll certainly find helpful

One of the main benefits of a Voice over IP (VoIP) system is flexibility. A wide variety of features make it suitable for almost all working environments. Do you or your employees work remotely? VoIP provides a flexible and reliable way to stay connected that traditional phone systems don’t. Stay connected wherever you are With […]

Telephony facts you may not know, but may find interesting

The death of analogue phones is approaching rapidly. As you may know the Openreach PSTN Switch Off is happening in December 2025. This means traditional telephony lines will no longer operate. Many services still depend on phone lines, this means you will have to upgrade those before the switch off happens. In celebration of the […]

New: Cloud Phone System + Cisco Webex

We are pleased to announce that our Cloud VoIP Phone System now integrates with Cisco Webex. Webex boasts an elegant UI design with offering enhanced features for your business. Watch the video below: The Cisco Webex app can be used as a softphone app you can make and receive calls on or it can be […]