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One of the main benefits of a Voice over IP (VoIP) system is flexibility. A wide variety of features make it suitable for almost all working environments. Do you or your employees work remotely? VoIP provides a flexible and reliable way to stay connected that traditional phone systems don’t.

Stay connected wherever you are

With traditional phone systems, staying in touch while on the go means giving out your mobile phone number or getting a separate mobile phone for work altogether. This is sub-optimal. Giving out your personal number can lead to a number of issues. You might receive work calls while off work or even after you stop working with the company. Buying an additional phone and sim card can also prove costly.

What if you could use your work number anywhere and from any device? That would be a huge help, right? VoIP offers exactly that. You can set it up on almost any device and use one number across all devices from any location. There is no need to provide your customers with a mobile phone number.

Business adaptability

VoIP can be set up on any device as long as you have an internet connection. This makes your business more adaptable. Having a Voice over IP system allows you or your employees to work remotely without disruptions or hassle. As a result your business will be more adaptable to external factors like the recent pandemic which caused many to work from home.

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