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We are proud to announce that we have released a new user licence for our VoIP Phone System which is a cheaper alternative to our Unlimited UK calls licence.

What is the new licence?

Our new ‘Basic Licence’ is ideal for small businesses in the UK who don’t need an inclusive call bundle and only need basic call functionality.

Unlike our existing licence, which comes with unlimited minutes to UK landlines and UK mobile minutes, this basic licence does not include any call bundles.

Our new VoIP licence comes at a great time, considering soon calls will no longer be possible over a landline by the end of 2025 because of the PSTN Withdrawal.

The PSTN withdrawal isn’t until 2025, why should I switch to VoIP now?

You will need to upgrade to a VoIP service before the deadline in 2025. The later you leave it, the more difficult it could be to migrate to a VoIP service.

There is going to be a huge demand as the switch-off date approaches which could mean you experience delays which could affect your service. In addition, you could save money while also improving your business’s phone system.

How much is the new licence?

The new licence costs only £8.99, per user, per month – excluding VAT. For only £4 more, you can purchase our fully-featured, inclusive calls licence.

How much are Pay As You Go (PAYG) calls?

At the time of writing calls to UK landlines cost under 1p per minute! You can find the call charges below:

  • Calls to UK local and national numbers – 0.468p
  • Calls to UK mobile – 1.248p

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