7 Benefits of using a Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become an increasingly popular option for businesses seeking to outsource their IT operations. With rapidly advancing technology, many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to keep up. MSPs offer support, expertise and latest technology at a fraction of the cost it would take SMEs to set up and maintain […]

5 Productivity Tools we use and Why

Being productive consistently is tough. One day work is going smoothly and you feel like anything is possible, only for the next to be mediocre at best. Do you find yourself stuck in an endless loop of procrastination often? Skipping from one YouTube video to the next or scrolling endlessly through your Facebook timeline? Don’t […]

Meetings Online: New Teams features will improve experience

Microsoft shared a number of updates in a January ‘What’s New in Teams’ blog. We think you will welcome many of the features coming to Teams. Those working from home or shared offices are likely familiar with some of the challenges that come with video meetings. Read on to find out what are some of […]

Webcam flickering in Teams? Find out how to fix it

You’ve just bought a new Webcam. You plug it in for your next Teams meeting and to your dismay the webcam is flickering incessantly. The good news is, your camera is likely not to blame and is perfectly fine. In this blog we will explain exactly what your problem is and provide you with a […]

Openreach FTTP: 79 new Exchanges in Tranche 6 stop sells.

Starting November 1st 2022, orders for non GEA-FTTP products will be rejected for the following premises that have Openreach FTTP availability and a coverage of Ultrafast greater than 75%. What does a Stop Sell mean? Openreach uses the term Stop Sell to indicate they will no longer sell certain products. It is important to distinguish […]

Secure your data with Full Drive Encryption

We are glad to announce that we can now offer Full Disk Encryption as an add-on to Bitdefender. What is Full Disk Encryption by Bitdefender?… How much do you value your data? If you use a laptop for work purposes, and you take it out of the office, in order to be GDPR compliant you […]

Product showcase: Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset

Product showcase – Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset Product spec: Up to 7 hours talk time 11 days standby 10 meters range 18 grams weight What’s in the box: Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset AC charger Car charger USB cable Silicone eartips (s, m, l) Foam eartips (s,m) Optional charging case Our view: We’ve used this over […]

Can I control what websites my employees can access?

We have had customers ask us previously if there is a way of blocking access to various websites – it seems to be Facebook primarily – as it and other social media sites seem to have a way of eating into their employee’s day, with an obvious impact on productivity. While there are a number […]

Case study: “I never miss a call from my customers”

One of our clients, Kam Patel of G & E Energy, had a foreign trip planned and wanted to ensure that he could maintain contact with his clients on his office number. Our solution was to set him up with a softphone that could patch into the VoIP network and allow him to make and […]

Gigaset N510IP base station

Expand your phone capability to up to four VoIP lines with the Gigaset N510IP PRO. Make and receive up to four simultaneous calls via a single broadband connection – contact us for more information on how the N510IP can save you money.