Case study: “I never miss a call from my customers”

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One of our clients, Kam Patel of G & E Energy, had a foreign trip planned and wanted to ensure that he could maintain contact with his clients on his office number.

Our solution was to set him up with a softphone that could patch into the VoIP network and allow him to make and receive calls as if he were in the office whilst abroad – with no additional roaming cost.

“It is sometimes difficult to manage calls if you are out and about and I do travel a lot” says Kam, ” all my clients are important as each other so it’s important I don’t miss any calls.”

“Doug at Globe2 recommended I download Zoiper so that all my calls from the office landline can also be picked up on my mobile where ever I am as long as I can access to the WIFI. Using Zoiper when I was abroad was really useful, the reception was very good, now I use Zoiper every day. This way I never miss speaking to my customers – I would recommend this to anyone.”

Zoiper is one example of a softphone that we can recommend – there are others that may be more suitable depending on your device and operating system. If in doubt contact us for more information.


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