Can I control what websites my employees can access?

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We have had customers ask us previously if there is a way of blocking access to various websites – it seems to be Facebook primarily – as it and other social media sites seem to have a way of eating into their employee’s day, with an obvious impact on productivity.

While there are a number of solutions to this, it does still take some monitoring as you have to forever be aware of what your employees are viewing to consider whether or not it is relevant to their role, and potentially be always adding to the blocked list.

More recently, I had a customer ask whether it could be turned on it’s head, which is to say block everything by default, and only allow access to pre-authorised websites. This wouldn’t necessarily work for all roles, but if your employees have short list of a few regular sites that they need access to, this could definitely make things easier to manage.

The good news is that there is a product that will allow you to do this – you can decide whether to block everything by default and have a pre-authorised list of websites; or allow all sites and just block those that prove to be a distraction. You can even do this on a company level, or create groups with their own rule set.

We’re currently offering this at £2.99 per device, per month – which could pay for itself if it saves even 15 minutes of your employee’s time per month. Just get in touch if you’d like more info.

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