7 Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Business VoIP Service for Your SMB

In today’s fast-paced business world, communication plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). And with the advancement of technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become an increasingly popular choice for SMBs seeking a cost-effective and reliable communication solution. However, there are countless VoIP providers trying to sell […]

A Complete Number Porting Guide for Businesses

Are you looking to port your business number to a new supplier? Are you moving premises and want to keep your number? Well this business number porting guide is exactly what you need. In this guide we will go through what number porting is and the steps you need to take to port your number. […]

How to set a distinct ringtone from device to device on Yealink phones

If you want to be able to tell whether a call is internal or external, or you want to differentiate between one person or another, you can set a different ringtone according to the number that has dialled you – with the default ringtone being left for external calls. To get custom ring tones for […]

How to place your phone on to DND (Do Not Disturb)

Learn how to place your phone or direct dial on to do not disturb (DND) via your Yealink handset or the online portal. Remember if do not disturb is enabled then you will be unable to receive any calls whilst this is enabled Guide: Via your Yealink T42S, T46S or T48S handset. On the screen […]

How to set-up call forwarding for your direct dial

If you are leaving the office or would like to forward calls to another user simply follow this handy guide to setting up call forwarding. Please note: this guide will only work if your phone system is provided by Globe2. The process: Via the online portal Login to the business portal using the details sent […]

How to pause/resume/stop call recording during a call

If you have our feature-rich telephone system you can enjoy features such as the ability to pause or stop call recording live during a call in progress. Please note: this feature may need to be enabled by your system admin or by us. If you do not use our phone system, these features will not […]

How to access your voicemails on a Yealink T42S, T46S and T48S

Accessing your voicemails is very simply from the Yealink range of devices. The below guide will demonstrate how you can access your personal voicemails for your user. Guide: On your Yealink phone press the message button (looks like an envelope) or if you use our feature-rich phone system, you can alternatively dial 1571. Once you […]