How to set a distinct ringtone from device to device on Yealink phones

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If you want to be able to tell whether a call is internal or external, or you want to differentiate between one person or another, you can set a different ringtone according to the number that has dialled you – with the default ringtone being left for external calls.

To get custom ring tones for internal numbers you will need to add the internal extensions to each phone and assign the desired ring tone.

How to add a contact and set a distinctive ringtone on a Yealink desk phone:

  1. Press the Directory soft key when the – phone is idle, then select All Contacts.
  2. Press the Add soft key to add a contact.
  3. Enter a unique contact name in the Name field and contact numbers in the corresponding fields.
  4. Select the desired ring tone
  5. Press the Add soft key to accept the change.

That’s it! Incoming calls from any registered contact will ring with the specified ringtone, anyone not listed will ring with the default ringtone – remember to select a different ringtone from the default to tell the difference.

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