How to create a letterhead in Word 2016

Want to look more professional while increasing your own efficiency when creating new documents with your very own letterhead? Well, your in luck! Simply follow the below easy steps to find out how to create a letterhead in Word 2016 for free and very easily. The process: Open Word, then click File -> New -> […]

New enhanced features for the Purple free licence

Purple are adding new features to their basic free SMB licence which were previously only available in the enterprise licence – this makes the free option much more useful from a marketing perspective for small businesses. What is changing? The free licence will now also include: Free SMS and Email sends The ability to import […]

Boost staff productivity – free trial

Are your employees wasting their work hours on Facebook or other non-work related websites? We’re looking for an affected company to free trial our BitDefender solution, where you can decide on a company, group or individual level what employees can or cannot access on the web. All we ask in return is that you monitor […]

Independent networks provide realistic alternative to openreach

For a long time Openreach has enjoyed a near monopoly on our network connections – no matter if you use Plusnet, BT, TalkTalk or any other provider, chances are they run have over the Openreach network. the only other option has been Virgin Media. This is starting to change, with independent networks putting in place […]

Globe2 is now supplying KeeperSecurity password manager

Globe2 are now able to supply and support KeeperSecurity password manager for businesses. “Having tried and tested a lot of password manager tools, we’re really pleased to be able to supply KeeperSecurity to our customers”, says Globe2 MD Doug Andrews. “Ensuring your business has taken adequate steps to ensure security is a priority with GDPR […]

Push Purple data automatically into Mailchimp

Purple have created a connector with popular email marketing software company MailChimp – this will allow venues with Purple wifi to collect GDRP compliant customer data and push this automatically to associated MailChimp accounts for further marketing. The new feature is now available within the Purple Portal, should you wish to activate this please contact […]

90% Of Businesses Open Doors To Hackers By Not Patching

The latest Fortinet Global Threat Landscape Report has found that not only are 9 out of 10 businesses being hacked through un-patched vulnerabilities, but that many of these vulnerabilities are 3 or more years old, and have patches available for them. Basic Security Hygiene Needed The damning report shows that even though two-thirds of the […]

Firefox Critical Update Malware Alert

Users of Firefox are reporting instances whereby they may be browsing a legitimate site (such as ebay), when the  browser automatically opens a new tab with a Firefox branded page and a title of ‘urgent Firefox update’, download now. Needless to say the update contains malware which will infect your computer, so do not download […]

Collect custom data from wifi users

Venues using Purple to power their public wifi can now set up the user access journey to collect custom data – such as a membership number, reservation number etc – in order to better understand their customer habits and behaviour and offer a more tailored experience as a result.   Custom fields Custom fields enable […]

New Purple Wifi Pricing Update – FREE branded licences, reduced enhanced costs

See our latest Purple Wifi pricing here: Purple now have a new pricing structure, which includes free licences and also reduces the cost of the enhanced licence by 33%. What do you get with a free Purple Wifi licence? The free licence allows you to offer a branded hotspot login for your venue, and […]