How to create a letterhead in Word 2016

Want to look more professional while increasing your own efficiency when creating new documents? Well, your in luck! Simply follow the below easy steps to find out how to create your very own letterhead in Word 2016 for free and very easily.

The process:

  1. Open Word, then click File -> New -> blank document.
  2. Add any images/text inside the word document (i.e. the header or footer). We also recommend adding page numbers using the insert tab.
  3. Once finished editing click file -> save as -> browse. Then change the save type as dropdown to “Word Template (*.dotx)”.
  4. Done. Now to open your template go to file -> new -> personal -> [Your template name].

You should have now created your own Word template. If we provide your Office365 licenses and would like help creating your own Word template please email


How to purchase (or move) an existing Office365 license to globe2

Simply give our friendly team a call (on 03333 446 441) or email ( and our team can advise on the best solution that is right for you. Transferring Office365 licenses to us is straight forward and we can handle it all for you.