Globe2 is now supplying KeeperSecurity password manager

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Globe2 are now able to supply and support KeeperSecurity password manager for businesses.

“Having tried and tested a lot of password manager tools, we’re really pleased to be able to supply KeeperSecurity to our customers”, says Globe2 MD Doug Andrews. “Ensuring your business has taken adequate steps to ensure security is a priority with GDPR looming, and this system gives companies complete control of passwords and how they are used.”

Some of the benefits of Keeper Security:

  • Share passwords with individual users or groups of users
  • Set company level password policies
  • Set geo-location policies
  • Revoke employee access and retain ownership of employee passwords
  • Optional 2-step authentication
  • Sync between multiple devices
  • Browser and App integration

As a company administrator you are able to ensure that your employees adhere to company security policies, and in the event that an employee leaves your company are able to control this so that your data stays safe; it also means that passwords created by your employee stay within the business for continuity purposes.

Ensure you have control over your business security, contact us today for more information.

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