VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses

Our low cost, feature-rich cloud VoIP phone system is ideal for small businesses in the UK because of its scalability, reliability and our inclusive unlimited UK calls.

As a UK VoIP phone system provider we can help you get the most out of your telephone system.

Whether you require a large touchscreen device for a receptionist or click-to-call integration – we’ve got you covered. If you need any help, feel free to get in touch.

Yealink T48s VoIP Phone

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Why our VoIP system is ideal for small businesses


Our phone system is the perfect solution for small businesses in the UK as it scales with you. Add users with no minimum commitment.

Inclusive calls

Our VoIP licenses come with unlimited calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and numbers starting with 03 or 0800.

Never miss a call

Make and receive calls from anywhere with our VoIP apps for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Free VoIP app included

Office UC Android Mobile App

Included with each of our VoIP licenses is access to our intelligent PC, tablet and mobile VoIP app.

Key VoIP app features:

  • Make and receive calls using your office number.
  • Pull calls between devices.
  • Quickly message, voice and video call your colleagues.
  • Start, stop, pause and resume call recording (if enabled).
  • Search call history and directory.

VoIP Phone System Features


Our phone system is the perfect solution for small businesses as it scales with you. Add or remove users when it suits you with no minimum commitment.

Never miss a call

With our intelligent call routing and your use our mobile, tablet or PC unified communications app, you will never miss a call again.

Port your number in free of charge

Unlike other VoIP providers, we do not charge for porting your geographic phone numbers from other providers.

Inclusive calls

Our telephony solution includes unlimited calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and number starting with 0800 and 03 making this the perfect solution for all businesses especially call centres.

Call recording (optional extra)

Record calls and store them in encrypted storage for up to 7 years. Furthermore, you can stop, start, pause and resume call recordings via your VoIP handset or our apps.

Rent VoIP handsets

Pay for your new VoIP handsets over 3 years at no additional cost compared to when purchasing the devices upfront.

VoIP Handset Options

We have a fantastic range of phones for all uses (as shown in the images below). From the simple (but elegant) Yealink T42S, to the touchscreen Yealink T48S. We can also provide cordless VoIP handsets such as the Yealink W52P or Yealink W60P.

Why choose Globe2 as your VoIP provider?

Free set-up and UK support

Our UK based support team can help you get set up and support you along the way. You can reach use via email, phone and live chat.

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If you want a no-obligation quote call us on 03333 446 441 or email info@globe2.net.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol. Simply explained, VoIP is the method which allows calls to be made over the internet. VoIP is also commonly referred to as Voice-over-IP.

For more information, see our ‘what is VoIP?‘ article.

Is VoIP good for small businesses?

Yes. As mentioned in our VoIP guide, small businesses can save up to 68% when bundling their telephony services in to VoIP.

Can VoIP phones call normal phones?

Yes, you can call any number as you usually would from a mobile or landline.

How much is a VoIP phone system?

To see our latest VoIP prices, please get your instant online quote here.

Can I use VoIP on my Android or iPhone?

Yes, with our VoIP licenses you get access to our mobile apps available on both IOS and Android. These mobile apps allow you to make and receive calls using your office number.

Is voicemail to email available with VoIP?

Yes. With our cloud based VoIP solution, you can receive voicemails via email in the form of an attachment.

Is fax to email available with VoIP?

Yes. With our VoIP phone system, you can receive fax’s via email. This is an optional add-on to the business phone system.

Does VoIP come with a phone number?

Yes, with each user license we offer one free geographic phone number.