What is a hunt group and how should businesses use them?

A business phone system that comes with advanced call routing features such as hunt groups can be an important asset for your staff and customers. Being able to route calls easily and quickly can improve efficiency of your staff and help your customers get hold of you more easily. What is a hunt group? A […]

What is VoIP? The ultimate guide to a VoIP Phone System

According to this study in 2017 there were one billion mobile users of VoIP, but what is VoIP and how can a VoIP phone system help your business in 2022? In this article we will answer the most popular VoIP questions and explain how a VoIP phone system can streamline your business, save you time […]

Panasonic KX-HDV230 Review

Overview: The Panasonic KX-HDV230 is the best bang for buck phone on the market, with a stylish look it can fit in to any office environment. This business class phone allows for up to six SIP accounts and has 12 programmable keys, with up to 24 functions (think speed dial). Advantages Register and use up […]

Groundwire iPhone App Review

Groundwire: what is it? It’s a new App for the iPhone which allows you to make and receive calls via your VoIP account, rather than your regular iPhone telecoms provider. What’s the advantage? There are number of advantages: 1. if you are exceeding your iPhone monthly allowance, making calls via VoIP is significantly cheaper 2. […]