Passwordless feature for your Microsoft Account

You probably own hundreds of accounts with a different password for each one of them ( hopefully you don’t reuse your passwords ). Passwords are the main target for attacks – no surprise there, as they’re used to gain access to almost every aspect of our lives at this point. Cybersecurity experts expect you to […]

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises to use three-word passwords.

Instead of creating passwords that contain a string of random characters, NCSC suggests you use three random but memorable words. Passwords created using three random words are longer and difficult to predict by hacking algorithms. They are also easier to remember. More complex passwords can be guessed by specialist software. This is because cybercriminals can […]

Caught out by a phishing email

Sigh.. we’re always trying to reinforce internet safety to our customers, but I’m not too proud to admit that this weekend I got caught out with a phishing email. I have an ebay seller’s account, and received an email from ebay, relating to an item I had for sale. The sender (ebay) was genuine. What […]

Virgin Media Advises Customers To Change Default Passwords

Virgin Media has advised its 800,000 customers to change their passwords to reduce the risk of hacking after finding that many customers were still using risky default network and router passwords. Recent Which? Report One of the catalysts for Virgin Media advising customers to change their passwords was an investigation by Which? highlighting the fact that […]