UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises to use three-word passwords.

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Instead of creating passwords that contain a string of random characters, NCSC suggests you use three random but memorable words.

Passwords created using three random words are longer and difficult to predict by hacking algorithms. They are also easier to remember. More complex passwords can be guessed by specialist software. This is because cybercriminals can target predictable strategies that humans use to make their password more complicated. For example, you may replace the letter ‘i’ with a 1 or an ‘o’ with a 0.

This advice from NCSC comes after a significant rise of cybercrime during the pandemic. A 2019 survey of more than 1,000 British consumers by GMX showed that two-thirds reused their passwords.

To add to NCSC advice, we recommend setting up a password manager.

A password manager stores all your login information and helps you login to websites with just a single click. The only password that you must memorize is your master password to access the vault. The passwords are stored safely using advanced encryption and you can often add another layer of security by using 2-Factor Authentication and getting a hardware security key.

Password managers are great because they can be used to generate long random passwords that are much harder to predict.

Having researched the market for a quality password manager, we recommend Keeper Security. We can also supply individual Keeper Security licenses for £4.16pcm (Buying directly from Keeper Security requires you purchase a minimum of 5).

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