Windows 365 – IT solution to the hybrid work model?

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Microsoft recently announced their Windows 365 service. A new cloud service allowing businesses to use Windows 10 or Windows 11(once available) in a new revolutionary way.

Windows 365 allows users to stream a full operating system from the Microsoft cloud, securing and storing information on the cloud rather than the device.

This new way to experience Windows is likely to introduce the level of flexibility required to facilitate hybrid work models that have become more popular over the course of the pandemic. Employees can work on any device, anywhere and continue where they’ve left off without interruption. Likewise, employers can avoid costs of issuing new hardware or securing personal machines of their seasonal workers or other temporary contractors while providing them with everything they need to do their job remotely or on-site.

Windows 365 Key points:

  • The operating system, including all applications and tools, is being streamed from the cloud. This eliminates a lot of hardware requirements and limitations. It also means businesses can scale their IT up or down and adjust to the demand. 
  • Simplicity and flexibility. Users can continue working from where they left off across different devices and from anywhere with access to the internet. Cloud PCs can be easily managed and deployed through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. 
  • A secure way for your employees to work remotely as no information is ever stored on the device. As everything is stored on Microsoft cloud, it utilises Microsoft’s always up to date, rich security capabilities and baselines.

Windows 365 will be available to all businesses from August 2nd 2021. You can find out more at

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