How to change your default account on your Yealink device (Yealink T42S, T46S, T48S)

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In this handy guide, we will be showing you how to change your default account on your Yealink device. Dependent on your Yealink device this guide may differ to your process. We ourselves use the touchscreen Yealink T48s and would recommend this device to anyone, you can read our review on the device here.

The process:

  1. On your Yealink device, click Menu.
  2. Then click on features.
  3. Then select default account and change the default account to the one you require and then click save. (that’s it!).

Some providers disable the ability to change this via your phone. If you have access you may be able to update the default account via the online interface of the phone, a guide to accessing this can be found here.

If we provide your device, please get in touch and we can easily change this for you via the online portal. If we do not provide your device/VoIP service, please get in touch and we will be happy to send you a no-obligation quote.

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