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We have been using the Yealink T42S desk phone (in conjunction with our VoIP Phone System) for a couple of weeks now and although we prefer the more expensive touchscreen Yealink T48S (read our review here), we thought we would write a review the Yealink T42s IP Phone.Yealink T42S Desk Phone Image

The spec:

  • 2.7 inch LCD screen (no colour).
  • 3 Way conference call capability.
  • HD voice support.
  • Wifi and bluetooth support (seperate dongle required)

Our Yealink T42s review:

Although the Yealink T42S is the entry-level model for the Yealink T4x series it still manages to hold its own against previous Yealink devices and many other entry-level models.

It has a 2.7 inch (192 x 64) graphical display which can fit up to 5 speed-dials or BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields). This makes the device suitable for most people apart from those who need to transfer a lot of calls to different users. The device does however lack a colour screen, which isn’t a necessity but something we have got used to when using the higher spec T48s model.

As with the other models in the T4xS series, this does come with wifi and bluetooth capability but this requires a separate USB dongle.

Overall, it does everything you require for a VoIP phone with easily accessible redial, voicemail and DND buttons. While, we will continue to use the higher end model ourselves we still believe the Yealink T42s is suitable for almost anyone in any business or home enviroment.

Ordering information:

If you are looking to order this device, please get in touch on 03333 446 441 or email [email protected]. This phone can either be purchased at an upfront cost or be purchased at a monthly fee at no additional cost with our phone system.

The Yealink T42S phone works with many VoIP (Voice over IP) systems including our own. If you are interested in a VoIP solution, please get in touch.

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