Business SIM Only Plans

We like to keep things simple. Choose from our range of our business Sim Only plans on either Vodafone or O2. 

5G Business Plans (at no extra cost)

O2 & Vodafone Business SIMO Plans

O2 5G Plans

Unlimited minutes & texts



Unlimited minutes & texts


5G ready


Unlimited minutes & texts


5G ready


Existing customer? Here’s 10% off the O2 UNLIMITED plan for 3 months. Quote code: ‘SAVE10’.

Vodafone Plans

Unlimited minutes & texts



Unlimited minutes & texts


5G ready


Unlimited minutes & texts


5G ready


Existing customer? Here’s 10% off the Vodafone UNLIMITED plan for 3 months. Quote code: ‘SAVE10’.

Why Choose Globe2

Why go direct when you can save money and get better support?

Want to Keep Your Number?

No drama. You can text the word PAC to 65075 and you will receive a code that will enable us to transfer your number.

For more information, read our article on how to change provider by text here.

5G Plans at No Extra Cost

Our SIM-Only plans come 5G ready at no extra cost, simply let us know when you are ordering your new sim that you would like 5G.

For more information, read our article on 5G Sim Only plans at no extra cost here.

Unlimited Minutes & Texts

All our O2 and Vodafone SIM-Only plans (except our data-only SIMs) for business come with unlimited minutes and texts.

We can even provide unlimited 5G data!

Subject to fair usage policy. 

eSIMs Now Available

We can now provide eSIMs for O2 and Vodafone plans.

For more information, read our article on O2 eSIM announcement.

Frequently Asked

With a business SIM only plan, you get a monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts. This can be customised for each employee in your business to suit their needs.

To order an eSIM with your desired plan, simply let us know during the order comments section that you require an eSIM and we will fufill this during the order.

Business SIM plans are more flexible in comparison to normal SIM Only plans. Business users can also access shared data plans across the company on some tarrifs.

Yes you can keep your mobile number when switching provider.

When switching to Globe2 for your business SIM Only plans our team will be in touch to guide you through the process.

We can have you up and running with your new business SIM Only plan on the same day in some cases.

However, if you require a physical SIM instead of an eSIM this will obviously be longer due to the need to ship the SIM to you. Other delays may apply such as number porting and availability. Please get in touch should you have any further questions.

The speed of our 5G Ready SIM Only Plans are highly dependent on the coverage and usage in your area.

If you would like more information, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise on the coverage in your area.

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Fair usage policy applies to all unlimited bundles. Please get in touch for further details.
Business customers only. Prices exclude VAT.