We know security is a vital to any business, as it is ours and so we take the necessary precautions to make sure no harm comes to our business (i.e. devices, website or client data). Below you will find a list of products or services we offer to tighten up the security of your business.


Bitdefender offers ultra-secure anti-virus protection to physical and virtual endpoints on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It can protect from known and zero day threats with its supreme anti virus and malware protection.


  • Scans automatically in the background

  • Anti-Malware

  • Anti-Ransomeware

  • Anti-exploit

  • Stops Zero Day threats

  • Firewall

  • Content Control – Block certain types of website i.e.i social Media websites

  • Device Control – Stops the use of devices plugged into the computer

  • Scan Incoming and Outgoing Emails

    These are just some of the features which may be available dependent on the device it is used on. For more information please use the contact form below.

Bitdefender Online PDF

Our online PDF of Bitdefender gives you an insight into how Bitdefender can keep your business and devices secure.

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1. Firewalls

Firewalls filter incoming and outgoing traffic. By default our websites use a shared firewall which is good for most scenarios. We can also recommend third party services which act as an additional layer of security.

For mission critical sites we are able to optionally offer a dedicated firewall which can be configured to your specific requirements.

2. Security (SSL) Certificates

Keep your data safe

Whenever a website user enters any information and presses ‘Send’ this information is transmitted over the Internet. Without an SSL certificate this data is unencrypted and can be read by third parties.

Encrypting your data keeps your customer data safe. In additon your customers will be advised the site is secure.

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1. Email Security

All our emails come with a standard Spam filter where you can increase or decrease thelevel of protection according to your requirements.

Optionally upgrade to Advanced Email Security, for additional options such as blacklists and whitelists to ensure optimum delivery. Advanced Email Security works with any email address. Find out more information by using the contact form below.

2. Secure Email Messaging

Secure Email Messaging is a powerful, secure, cloud-based communications and information management solution that enables regulated and non-regulated organizations to effectively protect, control, and manage communications.

Compatible with any email address, with this add-on you can also send emails up to 5gb in size (standard is 20mb). Find out more information by using the contact form below.

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