What is a 4G Backup and Why it’s Important 

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A 4G Backup can help your business avoid downtimes when your main connection fails. You might wonder why it’s so important. According to Merchant Machine just 1 hour without the internet would cost the UK economy £68 million

Have you ever taken the time to calculate how much it costs your business each year when your connection is out? You might find that the total would be higher than the cost of a Backup system, in which case you would be actually making more money by having one. 

In this post we will explain what a 4G Back-up is and how it works. 

What is a 4G Backup? 

A 4G Backup is an internet failover system that activates in the event that your main connection goes down. Depending on your router, it can be configured to kick in automatically. 
Though commonly known as 4G Backup, you can also get 5G Backups. All you need is a compatible router and 5G availability in your area. Your router will detect if there is a network outage on your main line. Once detected your modem will switch to mobile broadband. 

Once it detects that your main network is back to good health, it will automatically switch back. This allows you to continue operating seamlessly while your main broadband is disconnected. 

Why is a 4G Backup important? 

Many crucial services rely on the internet to run these days. Even if you are not primarily an ecommerce or any other digital business, there are still vital processes that need an active connection. 

Examples of key components that rely on the internet in your business may include; Payment Terminals, Office Computers, VoIP Phone Systems, Security Systems, POS Systems (Point of Sale), Stock and Inventory Tracking Systems or Online Ordering.  

As you can see, in the digital age even a short connection outage can cause major trouble. When your broadband goes down, your company might be unable to take payments or make stock orders or even phone calls. 

Sounds bad doesn’t it? Those could be some hefty costs in the form of lost revenue, paid overtime or costs of fixing any other problems that arise from this. What about a major outage that lasts over a day? This is why 4G Backup is important. 

4G and 5G networks make great backups in the event your main connection goes down. Not every business will need one, but after reading this post you should be able to decide if your business does.

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