New Purple Wifi Pricing Update – FREE branded licences, reduced enhanced costs

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See our latest Purple Wifi pricing here:

Purple now have a new pricing structure, which includes free licences and also reduces the cost of the enhanced licence by 33%.

What do you get with a free Purple Wifi licence?

The free licence allows you to offer a branded hotspot login for your venue, and still gives your customers and your business the protection of having all connected devices isolated from each other. Customers can login via their social media login details, and your staff don’t have to bother with giving out passwords.

What are the limitations to the free licence?

You don’t get access to your customer data to see who is logging on, and therefore cannot capture their contact details for follow-on marketing. You also don’t get to link your social media accounts to make the most of Facebook Likes, Tweets etc.

How can I find out more information about Purple Wifi?
Contact us today or call us on 03333 446441 and one of our sales representatives will guide you through the Purple Wifi licences and explain what license suits your needs and we will happily support and guide you through setting up Wifi in your venue.

I have a large Venue, can i still install Purple Wifi?
We can install and maintain Purple Wifi in venues big and small, making sure there is enough wifi range for your customers so they can connect and browse straight away.

My venue needs content filtering.
“Around 10% of public WiFi comes with the risk that consumers can potentially access content that is not family friendly. Purple has a convenient content filtering system which follows the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) watchlist to block inappropriate material. As an extra layer of protection, Purple updates the blocked domains watchlist constantly, ensuring that family friendly WiFi access is available at all times.” – Purple

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