Purple Wifi Pricing and benefits.


Purple Wifi enables businesses to gain an insight into their customers and provides tools to use this information for marketing purposes. It does this by collating data gathered from public wifi hotspots on the business premises. In this post we discuss Purple Wifi pricing and the advantages.

Benefits of Purple Wifi:

  • Capture user data such as gender, email and much more information such as their interests.
  • Display a splash page that is branded.
  • Login via a social media account.
  • Ask the customer to Like or follow your social media.
  • Redirect your customer to your website.
  • Ask them to opt in to your email marketing.
  • Integration with many apps such as Mailchimp.

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Advantages of collecting customer data.

Every business will have different ways of utilising customer data to their advantage but here are some examples that will be common to many businesses:

  1. Analyse most busiest times
    With Purple Wifi you can analyse your most busiest periods, which can help you make more informed decisions such as staff requirements and phone system set-up requirements.
  2. Target audience
    Within Purple wifi you can identify your target audience. You can see who visits your venue by age, gender and interests – which you can use this information when you send your marketing emails as you can see your customers’ interests and use this to your advantage.
  3. Automated email
    Purple can send out automated emails based on a set of rules that invites your customers back, for instance you could send a voucher on the customers’ birthday.

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Purple Authorized PartnerPurple Wifi pricing

Purple Wifi sell their licences through certified partners, such as Globe2.

We can set up and support Purple Wifi from just £4.99 per month excluding VAT per venue for small businesses.

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