What is Phishing? How to recognize Phishing Emails

You’ve likely heard the term Phishing. This was already one of the most popular types of cyber attacks. Which has only increased since the Covid pandemic.  So far in 2022, more than 3.4 billion phishing Emails are sent out daily. Almost half of the emails that were sent out in 2021 were phishing emails. A […]

SSL/TLS Certificates being revoked by Let’s Encrypt

A non-profit organisation named Let’s Encrypt has recently stated its plans to revoke a number of improperly issued SSL/TLS certificates. Let’s encrypt helps people obtain SSL and TLS certificates for the their websites. SSL/TLS: What is it and why you should use it? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol. The purpose of SSL […]

Donating your Devices: 2 Steps to do it responsibly

Planning to donate some of your devices this Christmas? Many charities encourage people to donate older laptops, tablets or other devices. This is a great way to get devices in the hands of those unable to get hold of one. Though, you should ensure your data is erased before donating your devices. Make sure devices […]

Caught out by a phishing email

Sigh.. we’re always trying to reinforce internet safety to our customers, but I’m not too proud to admit that this weekend I got caught out with a phishing email. I have an ebay seller’s account, and received an email from ebay, relating to an item I had for sale. The sender (ebay) was genuine. What […]

Secure your data with Full Drive Encryption

We are glad to announce that we can now offer Full Disk Encryption as an add-on to Bitdefender. What is Full Disk Encryption by Bitdefender?… How much do you value your data? If you use a laptop for work purposes, and you take it out of the office, in order to be GDPR compliant you […]

Globe2 is now supplying KeeperSecurity password manager

Globe2 are now able to supply and support KeeperSecurity password manager for businesses. “Having tried and tested a lot of password manager tools, we’re really pleased to be able to supply KeeperSecurity to our customers”, says Globe2 MD Doug Andrews. “Ensuring your business has taken adequate steps to ensure security is a priority with GDPR […]

9 unstoppabale tech trends in 2018 – and what it means to you

Bernard Marr has written an excellent guide to the unstoppable tech trends for 2018 which I thought worth summarising: He lists the following as the key trends: The increasing datafication of our lives The growth of the Internet of Things Exponential growth in computing power The rise of artificial intelligence Increasing automation 3D printing Changing […]

Is GDPR More Opportunity Than Threat?

With UK businesses needing to comply with the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by 25 May 2018 (when enforcement begins), should it be seen by businesses as an more of an opportunity to get the data protection house in order, and find new competitive advantages for the future? Who / What Does […]