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Purple have announced that on the 13th September the email verification feature will be live.

What is email verification?

Simply, if a customer signs up to your wifi using the registartion form they will receive an email asking them to verify there email. Users that sign up using there social media will not need to verify there email address. This feature will be by default turned on however you can opt out of this if you are a Purple wifi customer.

Why are Purple adding this new feature?

Purple stated in a recent email shot “With GDPR now live in Europe and data protection and privacy becoming increasingly important globally, it is key to protect a person’s personal information by asking them to verify their email address”. They continued by pointing out some of the positives of a verified email such as “A verified email: Is a verified person behind the email…”and “prevents spam and abuse”.

How do i know if the customer has verified there email?

In the visitors and devices list each user record will display a verification indicator – green for verified and red for unverified. Unverified emails will not be sent any marketing communications and will not be push into any third party connectors i.e. Mailchimp.

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Please contact [email protected]. If you are interested in providing wifi for your customers, please contact [email protected]

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