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Improving Broadband Reliability

The client is a Property Investment Company that manages its portfolio remotely. It is essential to remotely monitor CCTV, change the tenants entrance directory via a bright sign controller, monitor the internal Wi-Fi network and access a hardened local PC that facilitates network diagnostics.

The office building is linked to the second building via a Ubiquity Radio link that also has CCTV requirements and wi-fi distribution. Within the main building 35 offices rely on the connection for day-to-day business.

Unfortunately, the client’s main internet connection was unreliable with frequent dropouts causing interruptions to day-to-day tasks.

Solving Complex Problems

We have installed a back-up internet line for our client via Openreach. Once installed we provided the client with a pre-configured Draytek router that would connect to the backup-line and combine this with their existing primary line. This provides them with the benefit of not only a more stable connection but the combined lines have also greatly improved their broadband speed.

However, depending on which line was currently in use the public IP addresses of devices would change. This prevented the client from viewing CCTV remotely.

We fixed this by setting up a dynamic DNS domain that the CCTV could be provided with instead of an IP address. Which allows the management team to access the CCTV feed regardless of which line is being used on site.

Creating A Better Tenant Experience

Our solution has greatly improved broadband speeds and stability for our client. Our creative solution has not only improved their connection but also allowed them to continue using their current systems remotely without any disruptions.

“We are a Property Investment Company that manages its portfolio remotely; In respect of Torquay there are two substantial buildings that benefit from Globe2’s robust connectivity.. This robust service has enabled us to both retain existing tenants and attract new tenants, maximising rental potential.”

Jonathan Rodwell, CA Pilgrim 4 Ltd

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