Free Digital NFC Business Card

We’ll be giving out a free NFC digital business card to attendees of the Help to Grow regional event in Nottingham on Wednesday 18th April – register your details and preference of what to put on the card and we’ll get it set up for you to pick up on the day.

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NFC Card Setup Details

What is an NFC card?

NFC is short for Near Field Communication and it allows two devices to communicate wirelessly. With the NFC card, we are embedding information on it, which when tapped with a mobile phone will send that instruction to the phone.

What can an NFC card be used for?

An NFC card can be programmed to pass information or initiate a task – but can only be programmed to do one thing, so a card can be set up to add your contact details to a phone or connect to a social media profile, but not both.

One use is to replace paper-based business cards and to simplify sharing contact details.

Example uses:
– add your contact details (vCard) to a phone address book
– bring up your linkedin profile (or other social network) for the recipient to connect with
– send an SMS or email
– connect to a wifi network
– supply a location

What's the catch, nothing in life is for free?

We’ll be there to network and meet people, all you need to do is come and say hello 🙂