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We’d like to congratulate Oliver for completing the Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin UEWA UniFi Training Course and obtaining the UEWA Certification.

What is the UEWA Qualification?

The Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) is a qualification that covers the support, installation and everything related to providing a range of Ubiquiti managed devices to provide wireless connectivity for customers.

What do we use Ubiquiti for?

We use Ubiquiti devices such as their access points to provide you with wireless connectivity seamlessly around large buildings. For example we have these access points set-up in large hotels to provide private and public WiFi for guests.

The main advantage with using Ubiquiti devices is the ability to manage them using their Unifi controller. As this controller gives us an enterprise overview of your local network it can be more effectively managed. This also allows us to provide you with greater support.

What is the benefit of this Qualification?

The training course provides a thorough understanding of Ubiquiti products and their maintenance. Having acquired this certification, means we have higher level of expertise in regards to Ubiquiti products and wireless connectivity services within the team. This means we are able to provide you with better quality services and troubleshooting.

WiFi fundamentals which will greatly improve our services include:

  • Different WiFi channels and how to use them optimally for a better experience on connected devices
  • Factors that affect the optimal placing of devices so we can ensure maximum quality and speed so you get the most out of your technology.

As stated above, with this extra knowledge and expertise we are able to greatly improve the wireless experience for our clients.

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