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Venues using Purple to power their public wifi can now set up the user access journey to collect custom data – such as a membership number, reservation number etc – in order to better understand their customer habits and behaviour and offer a more tailored experience as a result.


Custom fields
Custom fields enable your brand to add definable fields to your access journey registration form. The information you  request from your customers can be anything your brand may require.
Whether as simple as asking for the individual’s job title, requesting a legally compliant piece of data, or asking for a  loyalty number, a custom field can be used to facilitate this data capture.
A clearer picture
With the ability to add up to six custom fields, the information you require can be gathered with ease – this information is displayed against the user Profile Card, providing your team with easy to access data that links to an individual.
CRM Integration
All data captured via the Purple API can be exported, enabling venues to build an accuarte profile of their customers and tailor follow on marketing accordingly.
Smart validation
Purple has included the option to validate the data, so users can only enter text, numbers, or a combination of the two, to improve the quality of the data captured.
What this means to you
For a venue offering free wifi to their customers, this gives you more means to get to know your customers and build brand loyalty.

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