FREE doesn’t mean you have to give it away

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Many customers now expect to have free access when visiting a venue – it can attract visitors specifically looking for it (think informal meetings in coffee shops) but it can also turn customers away when it’s unavailable, with venues such as hotels and B&B’s finding that access to wifi is on the list of guests’ prerequisites.

Businesses have an incentive to attract as many customers as they can and not turn people away unnecessarily, so offering free wifi makes business sense – but offering free wifi doesn’t mean you have to give it away.

We can provide a hosted social wifi service which eliminates the need for managing passwords, maintains your network security (and ensures your guests security) and also captures your visitor’s contact details for future marketing.

Once installed the system just keeps capturing those details quietly in the background. If you could contact now all the customers  who have walked through your door over the last few years with your latest offer, what value would that have to your business? If you could automatically send out a voucher to all of your clients a week before their birthday without even thinking about it, would that help drive sales and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction?

These are some of the things that you can do by offering free social wifi – contact us for more information.

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