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Microsoft will be enabling the Every Meeting Online (EMO) feature by default. Support for their partner online meeting providers will also be added. For those who do not have Microsoft Teams or Skype enabled, all meetings created in Outlook will include a link to a default partner online meeting add-in. This only applies to Microsoft 365 accounts and Office add-ins.

Every Meeting Online (EMO): Key Points to note

  • Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 88527
  • This will begin rolling out from early April and will complete around mid-June

How this affects you

Outlook will automatically set a default meeting provider, if you have any of the following add-ins installed:

  • Zoom for Outlook
  • Cisco WebEx Scheduler
  • BlueJeans Meetings
  • GoToMeeting for Outlook
  • Google Meet Add-in
  • JioMeet for Outlook

Users who have previously disabled the Add online meeting to all meetings option will be unaffected and your meetings will continue to be offline by default. Those who kept the option enabled but have Teams or Skype will also be unaffected and their meetings will continue to include a Teams or Skype link.

This update will only affect those who do not have Teams or Skype. You will be affected in one of the following ways if this applies to you:

  • if only one add-in is installed on your mailbox, that add-in will be set as the default.
  • if more than one is installed, the one installed by the organisation’s admin will take priority
  • if your admin installed more than one add-in, meetings online will not be on by default and you will have to turn the option on yourself and choose one.

NOTE: Only meetings with at least one attendee and the organiser with a duration of less than 24 hours will be online automatically.

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