New Office365 Feature: Block organisational data on Outlook mobile notifications

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Microsoft have announced a huge change that can help you and your users become GDPR compliant, if you use an Office365 email and calendar on your mobile device (IOS or Android) via the Outlook application.

What is this new feature?

With the latest Office365 update organisations will be able to block organisational data on Outlook mobile notifications which can aid in becoming GDPR compliant because this reduces the risk of exposed personal data.

This feature will be turned off by default and must be enabled by an administrator via the new Intune Application Protection Policy.

How will the new feature work?

Instead of being able to see a short snipped of an email or a calendar item, notifications will now show the message “You have a new message” or “You have a new event invitation”.

When will this feature be live?

This new feature will be gradually rolled out mid-December and be turned off by default. Admins will need to configure the Intune App Protection Policy data protection setting “Org data notifications” with a value of “Block Org Data” in order for the set-up to be completed.

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