New Microsoft Teams Features Coming This September

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A number of Microsoft Teams enhancements are coming this September, Microsoft have announced. These features that are coming have long been requested and will no doubt be useful for you and your business in the future.

The new Microsoft Teams features

A new Microsoft Teams meeting pre-join experience

Microsoft are making changes to the meetings by adding a pre-join experience. For you this means you can check your audio, video and select your background filters before you enter a Teams Meeting.

The most important change to note here is that after this update you will be able to select your background filter before you enter your meeting.

This feature is expected to be rolled out from mid-September to the end of September.

A new file sharing experience

Also coming this September is the ability to streamline sharing files from Microsoft Teams. You will soon be able to create a shareable link for any file stored in Teams and set the appropriate permissions with their new “file sharing experience”.

For more information about the file sharing possibilities, click here.

To conclude

There are a few more changes pencilled in for release this September, however we decided to focus on those which you are most likely to use. This is definitely a step forward for Microsoft Teams and gives them a boost over their competitors such as Zoom.

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