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Globe2 are proud to announce we will now be offering broadband with seamless 4G backup. Our new solution can now save you both time and money should you main broadband go down.

Our seamless 4G Broadband (sometimes refereed to as 4G Internet) Backup service is the perfect solution for business and residential customers alike.

What is 4G Broadband backup and how does it work?

In the instance where your broadband goes offline, our router with 4G broadband backup capabilities will detect this and within 30 seconds switch to the 4G service.

The Globe2 Support Team will also receive a notification of the broadband going offline and will be able to begin diagnosing the problem immediately without you calling us.

We can provide data sims from 2GB data per month to unlimited on networks such as O2, Vodafone and EE. Did you know, Globe2 can also provide mobile Sim Only plans?

For availability, please get in touch and we will analyse the signal in your area on O2, Vodafone and EE.

Benefits of 4G Broadband Backup

  • Staff can carry on working with minimal disruption.
  • Download speeds of up to 150mb/s and upload speeds of up to 30mb/s depending on your area.
  • Seamless broadband backup solution.
  • Automatic notification sent to Globe2 support so they can begin diagnosing the issue.
  • Compared with having a back-up broadband line, 4g covers you in situation where there is a fault in your area.

How to order or find out more information

To order our new broadband backup service, please get in touch via the following methods:

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