How to order broadband without a postcode

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OpenReach, which provides the infrastructure for the majority of the nation’s internet connections, uses the Royal Mail postcode database when ordering broadband – if your property isn’t listed, you can’t order broadband with any of the major suppliers as they all use the OpenReach system.

Some common examples of reasons why your property may not be listed:

  • it is a new build, and the developer has not yet communicated the fact that it exists with OpenReach
  • it has been empty for a long period
  • it isn’t inhabited, or doesn’t have a means of receiving mail, such as a church.

There are ways to resolve this situation.

  1. For fixed line broadband, i.e. fibre, you need to have a postcode, so the only way forwards is to try and get your property listed with Royal Mail. You can do this yourself and it can be sorted in just a few days – you can submit a request online with Royal Mail here :

Sometimes they will come back and ask you to contact your local council, who may ask you to mark your property on a map and pay a small fee, but it is relatively straightforward and they will guide you as to what to do.

Royal Mail may also ask you whether or not the property is able to receive mail – if not, a simple solution would be to just put up a small letter box on the property.

  1. A quicker and easier option would be to bi-pass the fixed line broadband option entirely and look at 4G or 5G mobile broadband. This is now a serious solution and can often provide speeds greater than the fixed line fibre network – and crucially it does not need a postcode in order to be ordered. Mobile broadband may not suit every scenario but it is defintely worth considering.
  2. Look to operators that don’t use the OpenReach Network. Nationally the best example is Virgin Media, but smaller operators are often operating at a local level. They may or may not require a postcode so you would need to enquire if it is needed.

Not sure how to proceed?

We can help with getting your address listed with Royal Mail, supply most fixed line broadband options and also mobile broadband, so please get in touch if you’d like to talk it through with someone.

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