Making the Switch to SoGEA Broadband: 5 Reasons to Consider

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The traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being phased out in the UK, with plans to switch off the network completely by 2025. This means that businesses that rely on broadband services which require a phone line will need to find alternative solutions.

One option that many businesses are turning to is Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) broadband, which uses Ethernet technology to provide a high-speed, reliable internet connection without the need for a phone line.

Read on to find out what makes SoGEA a good broadband option where Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) is not yet available.

5 Reasons to Choose SoGEA

1. Reduced Costs

SoGEA broadband is cheaper than traditional broadband as it does not require a phone line. This reduces broadband costs for your business in two key ways. As it eliminates the need for a phone line, you save significantly on line rental charges.

Additionally, SoGEA broadband is delivered over single connection which greatly reduces installation costs as a phone line does not need to be installed.

As a result, SoGEA provides businesses with high-speed, reliable internet at a lower cost than traditional broadband.

2. Quick Install Times

SoGEA broadband is easy and quick to order and has low installation times. In most cases it can be installed within 5 working days. Because SoGEA and VoIP go hand in hand, your VoIP systems can be set up at the same time. This greatly minimises any hassle for your business.

3. Quicker Fix Times

Standard broadband customers may have a separate provider for the PSTN line and the broadband. With SoGEA however, the line and broadband are NOT separate. Faults are therefore easier to identify and only one provider needs to be contacted.

4. Uninterrupted Service past 2025

In December 2025, PSTN services will be switched off for majority of the country. This means services that rely on phone lines like your broadband will also stop working. Because SoGEA is a data only service it will not be affected by this.

5. SoGEA Broadband is Widely Available

SoGEA uses the same existing infrastructure that FTTC broadband does. As no new infrastructure is needed it means it can be deployed almost anywhere in the country with FTTC availability. The current FTTC coverage is around 95% of the UK.

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