The advantages of an Exchange Email

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Today we are going to go in depth on what is and the advantages of an Exchange Email compared to a standard basic (IMAP/POP) email account. For more information or if you are looking to purchase an Exchange Email, please contact [email protected] or visit our page here.

What is an Exchange Email?

An Exchange Email account is provided by Microsoft as an alternative to basic IMAP/POP email accounts and also provides many additional features such as a calendar that syncs between devices.

An Exchange Email purchased from us allows you to access our UK support team who can help and assist you with the set-up and support with your Exchange Email, as well as many other benefits.

What are the advantages of an Exchange Email?

  1. Increased mailbox size
    Email storage of up to 50GB as standard compared to 1GB storage commonly found with IMAP email accounts.
  2. Centralised email management
    Emails are stored online and so compared to POP email accounts there is no risk to you losing your emails should your device you access your emails from suddenly dies. 
  3. See who’s read and replied to an email
    With Exchange if you or another colleague has read or replied to an email, it will show this across all your devices.
  4. Advanced threat protection
    Exchange emails actively protects you from threats with multi-layered spam filtering enabling you to be protected before the email reaches your network.
  5. A calendar that syncs between devices
    This alone is the reason why we ourselves upgraded to an Office365 Exchange Email, as our personal and shared calendars are synced between multiple devices and so you can stay up to date with tasks and meetings.
  6. Company policies
    With Exchange, you can set-up company retention policies that allows you to specify when emails or emails within certain folders are deleted. This can help you better manage your mailbox and make sure that sensitive files are removed from the server. Individual employees can also set-up their own personal retention policies.
  7. Set-up and Outlook web access.
    Imagine being able to set-up an email account on your various devices hassle-free. With Exchange you can set up your email accounts within seconds within applications such as Outlook. Furthermore, if you are on the go, you can access the Outlook Web App from your mobile or computer.

How can I find out more information?

For information about an Exchange Email and whether it is fit for your purpose, get in touch and we will be happy to advise whether an Exchange Email is suitable.

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