Cyberattacks on Major Casinos: A Wake-Up Call for Small Businesses

What Happened? In September 2023, a hacking group called Scattered Spider attacked MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment. The cyberattacks disrupted their operations and caused financial losses. Caesars even paid $15 million as a partial ransom. What Data Was Compromised? The hackers stole six terabytes of data, including sensitive information like social security numbers. It’s […]

Server Issue Stalled Toyota’s Japanese Plants

Last week, Toyota faced an unexpected halt in production at all 14 of its Japanese factories. The disruption was not due to a cyber attack, as some might speculate given the company’s history, but rather an internal system malfunction. The Cause: A Disk Space Issue The problem began during routine maintenance work carried out on […]

Static IP Data Sims With Unlimited Data

We are excited to announce that Globe2 can now provide Static IP Unlimited Data Sims. These are perfect for businesses who need a reliable internet connection, either as their primary or backup option. What is the difference between a regular Data Sim and a Static IP Data Sim? As stated in the name, the major […]

What is Microsoft 365 Copilot and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Microsoft has recently announced a new feature called Microsoft 365 Copilot, which aims to make work easier and more efficient for users of Microsoft 365. This tool is designed to provide personalised, AI-powered assistance to users, helping them to perform tasks more quickly and accurately. In this blog post, we will take a closer look […]

Using VoIP On Your Mobile Phone: What Are The Benefits?

In today’s digital age, communication has undergone a significant transformation. According to Statista 86.29% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Increasingly, traditional communication methods are being replaced with digital alternatives. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being phased out, and communication is shifting towards digitalisation. This shift towards digital communication has paved the […]

Mobile Private Networks (MPNs) and Their Growing Importance

Recently, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has increased significantly. With increasing automation and use of smart devices, there is a growing need for secure and reliable connectivity. One technology that has been gaining traction in this area is Mobile Private Networks (MPNs). Vodafone’s new portable 5G network prototype is one example of […]

The Future of 5G Technology: Vodafone’s Raspberry Pi Breakthrough

In recent years, the rollout of 5G technology has been gaining momentum across the UK. While initial 5G coverage was limited to a few major cities, it is now becoming more widely available across the country. According to Statista, 68% of UK’s population will have access to 5G internet by the end of 2023. The […]

Hosted PBX vs SIP Trunking: Which is Right for Your Business?

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies need efficient and reliable communication systems to stay ahead of the competition. When searching online for a VoIP solution you have likely come across these terms: Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. Both are methods of providing your business with VoIP capabilities and access to all the advanced VoIP features. […]

Business vs Residential Broadband: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a broadband connection, businesses and residential users have different needs and priorities. In this blog post, we will compare business vs residential broadband and explore the key differences between the two. Support and Service One of the main differences between business and residential broadband is the level of support and […]

How to check your internet speed

There are many reasons you might want to check your internet speed. One of those could be to see if you are getting the speeds your provider guarantees. Other reasons include diagnosing problems with your connection, or testing if you connection is enough to handle your day to day activities. Whatever your reason might be, […]