How to set-up the Office UC mobile app on your phone


Installing the application:

  1. Download the mobile app from the play store.
  2. Open the application
    You will first be prompted for a mobile number, please enter your mobile number to get started. You will then be prompted for a username and password, these are provided by Globe2 on request.
    After entering the username and password, please remember to check remember password.
  3. After signing in…
    You may be prompted to access your contacts, if you wish to see your contacts in the app, please allow the permissions. Then you are good to go.


Using the app

  1. Dialling out using the office number
    1. Click the keypad icon to get to the keypad. Then type in the number and press the call icon.
    2. If you are prompted, please select Internet call (VoIP) to use your office number.
  2. How to search your directory
    1. Click the person icon located on the left.
    2. Then change the dropdown from ‘Office UC – All’ to ‘Directory’.
    3. Then use the search in the upper-right hand corner to find a desired contact.
    4. Once you have found the contact you can press the call button.
  3. How to send an instant message to a co-worker
    1. Search for a co-worker using the steps above. After following the steps above. Instead of calling the user click the chat icon to initiate a chat with the user.
  4. How to pause call recordings during a call (if enabled)
    1. During a call in the upper right hand corner you will see a pause button (image below). Simply click this to pause the recording.
    2. To resume the call recording service, simply click the resume button.