3CX Phone App for Android – a review

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The 3CX Phone App for Android phones allows users to make and receive calls via VoIP, this is a great way of reducing call charges if you are abroad and have access to the Internet via wi-fi. It also allows anyone with a VoIP account to divert incoming calls to their mobile at no cost.

– multiple voip profiles
– call recording
– always call via voip when wifi present option
– enable via 3G (or not) option

– android smartphone
– VoIP SIP account

We found the 3CX easy to integrate with our Globe2 VoIP system and didn’t need to fiddle with any of the advance options to make it work. The main things we needed to enter were the username and password and the hosted PBX IP and we were up and running.

The things we liked about the 3CX was the ability to restrict calls to wifi only or to include 3G as you wish. Call recording is simple to setup (record all calls or don’t) and easy to access once recorded.

We also liked the ability to enforce that all outgoing calls go by default through the 3CX app when wi-fi is present, so that you don’t have to specifically remember to use it when dialing out. This integrates nicely with the phone so you enter your number as normal but the 3CX steps in to make the call.

This integration with the phone also works well with the contacts book, so if you specifically fire up the 3CX you can select a number to call from the same contact list you would use normally.

Overall this is a well rounded free App that we can recommend for android users wanting to make VoIP calls.

If you need a VoIP SIP account to use with the 3CX please contact us, we can set up a UK or international number and have a number of economical dialing plans.

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